Accessories & Miscellaneous




     Low Voltage electric spare Parts have many and many accessories that did not fit in one category, but we try to provide our customers with many items as we can.

 In addition, we try to help our customers for importing many items as per their request, we Check quality and specifications and import from the most trusted manufacturers.





      Alarm and warning equipment are very important to any industrial activities.

    We did not forget to provide our customers with many models from Warning pilot lamps to motor Sirens.







  The most sophisticated and serious specifications are the cables specifications. Whether the cable material, size or insulation all are very important to us, according to application needed at building construction or industrial purposes.

Circuit Breaker



 Miniature Circuit breaker, Earth Leakage and molded case Circuit breaker, Fuses, and high raptures. Including many models and ranges, we provide complete series from each model to comply with our customers’ needs and Requirements.





 Contactors and related products are the most selling in our stores, We Provide a very wide Range and Sizes, and Different Models to meet most our Clients’ needs and requirements.

     We give more attention for the specifications for internal Components as well as the external housing enclosures.

Control Devices



  Timers, counters, and rotary encoders are among the most important products we provide to our customers; Most of these models manufactured exclusively to “Al-Nessim for Trading”.

  We Provide Wide Range, from the Simple every day application to the most advanced models combinations Timers/Counters.






The need for saving power increased, so we start to our activity to help our community by providing power saving light products.

This include Normal Power saving lamp and modern LED products, Also Solar energy combination with LED is our newest activity for street and garden lighting.

Measuring Instruments





Analogue and digital Millimeters, Clamp Meters, Analogue and digital Panel meters.

From very simple function to the most multi-functions, for every days job.