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Our Services

When we start our Bussiness, we aimed mainley to improve our trading activities already we started 20 years ago. We now Import, Export and supplly. We are not new to trading, but we extened our trading activities.


We started our importing activities late 1999, the main goal is to supply our clients with the most recent and guaranteed products, this was an extension to our main business in low voltage electric products, which is very important to industry and development in our country. Our Company covers most products in Low Voltage  Electric industry, we Supply our clients with our Branded products that was manufactured specially for us.
   In short time, our clients now requiring our brand name, they require our warranties, because we deliver the most specification requirements and the very special price list to our growing market.
  We import currently from Italy, China and Turkey, but we plan to extend our Activities to other partners in other countries, Diversification of imported goods by adding new products to our products list, especially products for industrial needs in low voltage electricity is a main target
  As a secondary activity, also we help other business parties in Egypt to import their needs, so we are not stop at our trading products, but we have many activities in importing services. Please check our products page for a most recent products list.


We started our exporting services recently in 2013, this is a new service for our company, and we have some main goals in near future
Opening new markets for our Branded goods and Egyptian products.
   The company exports too many products to the various African and Arabic markets. We intend to participate in international Exhibitions in African, Arabic countries from the next year.


We extended our activities not only to import our needs, but also to supply other parties in Egyptian market with their needs from low voltage electric supplies.
Our Main office is in the heart of the low voltage Electric market, we almost supplying to all parties in the market.
Also We  supply to all new industrial cities, the public owned companies and to government authorities. This was the main key in our growing activities, and we will continue.