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Lucky Me:

Lucky me, this is summary of my Life.
Many years Work hard, different Experience, many countries, different cultures even before my graduation on 1983.

  • I was Lucky to grow up in oldest neighborhood at the oldest city in the World, Cairo, Egypt
  • I was Lucky to Work with great engineers, and architects.
  • I was Lucky to Change my career many times, from Civil engineer, computer systems, CADD software to international trading.
  • I was Lucky to go around to many countries and different cultures.

Are you Lucky??? .. I will not tell you about my personal life, my wife and kids, Thanks God.

Main stages:

My practical experience can be summarized as following:


  •     Working at "The Arab Bureau for Design & Technical Consultations" as a junior Surveying Engineer 1983-1989.
  •     Working at "Ohud Consulting", KSA as senior Surveying Engineer 1990-1994.
  •     Back to "The Arab Bureau for Design & Technical Consultations" as Computer Department 1994-2004, ended as the Manger of the CADD department.
  •     Meanwhile, worked as a CADD lecturer at "Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia University - Minia -Egypt" 1998-2003.
  •     Moving to Dubai for only One Year working at CONIN Consultations – Dubai, UAE to finish some architectural projects in 2004.
  •     From 2005-2009 Back again to "Ohud Consulting", KSA as Surveying Department Supervisor (Hydrological Projects Section).
  •     In 2009, I decided to establishing my own Company in a different Career, which is Importing and Exporting industrial low power electric and Control systems, under the Registered name "Al-Nessim for Trading".

International Rounds:

I was very lucky to get the chance to visit many countries around the Globe; this includes USA, KSA, UAE, JORDAN, SYRIA, and CHINA.

  •     KSA was a very special Experiment because of its spiritual position in heart of every Muslim, and for the huge size of projects that I was involved.
  •     USA also was a very good experience since it was a study and learning program with the help of the USAID in CAIRO.  I never forget NY and Washington DC.
  •     CHINA is my last and most effective stop in my journey, China the quarter of the humans and the factory of the world. I visited Canton Fair many times, visited the big cities Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and many other towns. Many industrial cities and many manufacturing and trading organizations. I am very wishful to keep visiting China at least once or twice per year since 2009.

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Mohamed Nessim