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About Us

Who we are:

      Al Nessim for Trading, is an Egyptian importing & exporting company, Established in 2009, But this is not our Start. Our Business started long time ago since 1994 as a distribution company for Low to mid-range Voltage Electric and Control Spare Parts. Therefore, we considered a new extension to our trading activities in Egypt since 1994. As you noticed the name "Al-Nessim", derived from our Family name, we are a family and partners, and every one Works with us considered a person from our Family.

The goal:

      Control is our main goal. Since 1994, we worked as a distribution company to main brands in Electric Products, and to many importers in same field. We build a very good experience to what our market needs; we gain the experience to the balance between quality and price. However, we found a gap between quality and price, so we decided to Control our business by importing all our market needs and supply our partners in Egypt and abroad with good quality products. Products we can guarantee ourselves and to ensure that we can deliver the most recent products and technologies to our market.

The Vision:

     We believe that Experience- alone- is not enough to develop a business, but when combine experience, innovation, respect, and Honesty, the Business can expand quickly. We built our vision on these four points, to insure that our clients will always get the best product with the best price, our Clients will always get the most recent product, we will always improve our product and we grantee that to our clients.

We Welcome you:

    Our dear visitor, you are welcomed to contact us any time and your suggestions are highly appreciated, Please visit our Service page to get more information about latest services and products, and not forget to visit our policy page.


Eng. Mohamed Nessim (.....)